The first 100 Passes will cost CHF210,- / CHF180,- (International)
The second 100 Passes CHF220,- / CHF190,- (International)
And the last 100 Passes CHF230,- / CHF200,- (International)

International means you do not live in Switzerland.

Party Pass

The Party Pass includes all Parties, Thursday to Sunday, including the evening workshops before the parties.

There are 50 Party Passes and they will cost CHF90,- (Yes, you can take part in the competitions)

Brandi Guild Intensive

There will be a 3 hour Intensive with Brandi Guild on Friday afternoon, starting at 13:00. You can book the Intensive when registering.

There are a maximum of 50 places available for the intensive.

The intensive will cost CHF50,- if you have a Full Pass and CHF90,- if you have a Party Pass.


Group Blue - I know the basic steps and some variations of them. I sometimes have problems keeping the connection to my partner and want to work on my technique and timing. I would like to learn how to keep connection to my partner during the whole dance and feel comfortable dancing with higher level dancers. I want to be able to dance on different tempos of the music and learn how to be more musical.

Group Gold - I have no problems to dance on different tempos of the music and feel comfortable dancing with different level dancers. I want to learn footwork and how to improve my own style. I want to improve my musicality and learn moves how to accent the music. I want to learn more complex figures and how to integrate them into my dance.

Group White - For this Level you need Intermediate Points, but it is also possible to audition. The classes will be tailored to the needs of intermediate/advanced WCS dancers and teachers.

Group Black - Advanced and AllStar Dancers

Payment Options

You can either pay by PayPal(Credit Card) or by bank transfer. For payments by PayPal, we have to add a 3% fee.

Once you have registered you will receive an email with your payment details. Passes need to be paid within 14 days or you will have to re-register.


For groups of 10 people or more we offer an additional 5% discount on the current Event Pass price. Groups must be gender balanced. Please send an email with the first names, names, email addresses and workshop levels of all group members to swingtzerland(at)hotmail.ch. You will only receive one bill.

Refund Policy

100% before 31.10.2017
50% before 31.12.2017
No refunds for cancelations after 31.12.2017

Terms and Conditions

You can read the Terms and Conditions here.