Maxence Martin
Maxence Martin

Maxence Martin became the first French West Coast Swing Champion.

Formerly a judo black belt and champion he started his dance career in Lindy-Hop. He quickly fell in love with WCS, and started his training in 2007 with the greatest in California, achieving champion status within one year.

Involved in the West Coast Swing community and traveling all over the world to share his knowlegde and passion for the dance, in 2011 he was awarded the Best International Dancer title at the Westie Awards. He performed two routines at the US Open with his famous partner Kellese Key (Texas).

Virginie Grondin
Virginie Grondin

Virginie Grondin is one of the best West Coast Swing dancers in Europe right now, and she's also proving a hit in the United States. She won the UK Open and Midland Swing Open in 2010. She placed in the Champions division at three of the biggest American events : Boogie By the Bay (San Francisco), Madjam (Washington) and Swing Diego (San Diego).

Virginie started dancing when she was just five years old. Beginning with rock'n'roll and Boogie, she moved to solo dances, like modern jazz, classical and contemporary. She studied in the National Superior Dance Conservatory and succeeded in the technical final examination. She discovered West Coast Swing in 2007 and since, she's growing very quickly in the community, thanks to her previous training and her natural talent for this dance.


Peter Flood

Peter Flood

Peter Flood - Northampton (UK)

Justin Petersen

Justin Petersen

Justin Peterson - London (UK)

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